Naturalistic Sci-Fi

What am I doing now? I'm working on a novel called "Lacuna: Demons of the Void". It's an interesting take on naturalistic sci-fi, which in very brief is a way of writing science fiction where the technology and lifestyles of the characters within is very similar to our current lifestyles. Space is not transporters, replicators, energy shields and lasers- instead, it's a realistic take on the genre, where the characters have to deal with the realities of a life in space.

Primarily, that it's not exactly pleasant most of the time.

Above all other things, though, naturalistic sci-fi is intended to be a vessel for writing cracking drama without sacrificing verisimilitude. It is realistic but not overloaded with science. Things like Lagrangian Points are (briefly) discussed and weapons, ships and technologies tend to be very low key.

Lacuna is, as of writing, about 36,000 words along. Three sample chapters (and the prologue) are available here.