Webcomics are an entirely un-secret addiction obsession past-time of mine and I've followed a whole heap of different ones, on and off, every since I had the Internet. Which was a long time ago.

These are my current favourites, added in no particular order:

Goblins!THUNT'S webcomic Goblins! is a firm favourite of mine and one I keep up to date with religiously. The comic features a typical D&D party but is comprised entirely of goblins, putting a unique perspective on the typical Always Chaotic Evil species. You can thank Goblins! for any D&D 4E players who show up at your table wanting to play the awesome little green guys, and his Finger Horror is seriously second to none when it comes to awesome monsters (you'll see). About the only thing wrong with this is comic is that it started out as a playful poke at D&D itself before slowly evolving into a story-driven work with some of the best characterization out there. Speaking personally, his take on paladins is simply breathtaking in its perfection.

Order of the Stick

RICH Burlew's Order of the Stick is another absolutely brilliant D&D comic that's been running for many years now. Like Goblins!, it helps if you're already a gamer, but if you're not the story is certainly one of the most compelling pieces of web fiction you'll find out there. However, Rich himself has said that one of his regrets in making the comic is having the first 100 strips or so be very D&D orientated. If you've never rolled a d20 before you won't follow most of what's going on at the beginning, but soon the story takes hold and you're caught forever. It is ALL about the sexy, shoeless god of war. 

Penny ArcadeIT'S really not possible to say enough good things about Penny Arcade. Krahulik Gabe and Holkins Tycho make one hell of a team. Their strip is pure perfection and Tycho's words are like honey poured directly into the ear; warm sticky honey flowing straight from Tycho's mouth directly into my body. It's hiliarious. It's relevant. It's amazing. It updates three times a week without fail, like a machine. Like clockwork. Day in, day out. The two are like the goddamn batman. The two donate literally millions of their dollars to charity every year for sick kids.

That's amazing. And so is their work. I want Tycho inside me.

Darths and Droids

THE gang behind the Darths and Droids webcomic (the same guys, by and large, who did GM of the Rings) are some of the most talented writers, collectively, out there on the web. What their comic is... is a screen-cap version of the new Star Wars movies (I, II, III) retold as though they were being played by dice-and-paper RPG players. This goes a long way towards making the new Star Wars movies make a lot more sense and the only way that this can be described is as a huge improvement over the original movies, and I love it.