Here's a complete list of everything I've ever published, along with links to it. For convenience, I've grouped everything by series and suggested reading order where appropriate.

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Science Fiction

Lacuna Series

The Lacuna series are military science fiction novels featuring Commander Melissa Liao of the People's Republic of China, Captain of the TFR Beijing, and her struggle against an alien menace that seeks to punish Earth for their use of faster-than-light technology.

This includes various short stories set in this universe, including the novella series Magnet.

Symphony of War Series

The Symphony of War series is a dystopian military science fiction series about the lives of a penal legion sent to fight alien arachnids, as seen through the eyes of their Commanding Officer, Marcus Servus. Marcus has a gift -- he hears music which gives him an almost precognitive edge against his foes, the Myriad -- but at what cost? And who plays the strings?

This includes the novella series The Immortals.


Kobolds Series (Ren of Atikala)

The Kobolds series is a fantasy epic about a kobold sorceress whose home is destroyed, thrusting her out into the world of dragons, gnomes, and humans.

Ren of Atikala is set in the world of Drathari, The World of Shattered Dreams, and is inspired by (and utilizes Open Gaming Content from) Dungeons & Dragons and the Pathfinder RPG.

This includes the various short stories set in this world, including the novella series The Pariahs.


The Grace series is a modern fantasy series about a succubus who is kicked out of Hell and falls in love with an angel.

This series is romance/fantasy and is written with the lovely Alica knight.

Other Work

Everything Else

This section is for all my other work, including:

Wool Fanfiction

Eh, Zombie


Shear Terror

Insufficient Series

Boldly Going

Dusk Series

And anything else.