The Immortals: Anchorage now available!

Post date: Jul 10, 2016 1:7:36 PM

Heya all,

My new novella, The Immortals: Anchorage is now available on Amazon!

Previously published in Dark Beyond The Stars: A Planet Too Far, this novella is set in the universe of Symphony of War and follows Nicholas Caddy as he embarks on his first mission with the Synapse Foundation, sent to investigate a passenger ship which has gone eerily silent...

I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!




Ever since the Founding, Colonial settlers whispered of ghost ships; silent, empty vessels drifting between the stars, steel tombs for their crew. Ships that set out from Earth and, for whatever reason, never made it to the stars.

The causes were innumerable. A leaking reactor. A pathogen. An unstable passenger who took a knife and obeyed the voices in her head.

Or worse.

Recruited into the mysterious Synapse Foundation, Nicholas Caddy—still bearing the scars of an interstellar war—is dispatched on his first mission with the Immortals. A passenger liner, the Anchorage, has gone silent. Their task is simple: find the ship, salvage what they can, report what happened. Simple.


Part two of The Immortals series set in the Universe of War, thirteen years before the events of Symphony of War: The Polema Campaign.