Music and Musicians

I've always had a bit of a soft spot for music of all genres. When working, when writing, when playing... I'm invariably listening to some kind of music.

This is a sample of some of the many, many things I like.

Sam Tsui

OKAY, if I had half the talent as Sam has, I'd be an international superstar and my cause of death will be officially listed as "buried beneath two billion horny swimsuit models". Sam is twice as better than that. His voice has to be heard to be believed and his fame is very well deserved.

TJ SMITH, Kurt Hugo Schneider and H-to-the-usky-Husky form the awesome triumvirate which is known as Nerd Alert. They do nerdy things, and their songs (so far all to do with the Starcraft universe) are extremely professional. Kurt often collaborates with Sam Tsui above, TJ has his own awesome musical channel and Husky is known for his Starcraft gamecasting. They are epic.


THE symphonic metal band from Finland, Nightwish are a remarkably awesome band of awesome whose music is almost always on my playlist at some point. They're crazy-eager to experiment, and each album typically sounds practically nothing like the last yet still keeps that awesome edge that makes them rock.

LINKIN Park kinda rocked my teenage years during high school, but their new album, A Thousand Suns, recently recaptured my liking for them. I know this is going to cause a few people to roll their eyes, but the album itself is pretty cool and their track The Radiance, which is basically Oppenheimer's Trinity explosion speech set to eerie music, is awesome.