Ever written a character up, worked with them, given them a scene to show their stuff... but not have it work out at all? The best thing to do then is to just suck it up and rewrite that section.

That's what I did with the first chapter of Lacuna: Demons of the Void. I introduced a character who's a technological genius, but he was too stereotypical (a fat, balding, socially awkward nerd) so I rewrote him. She is now a freckle faced, socially awkward, rake-thin nerd. In some ways, it works a lot better, and some of her lines ("We don't get many girls around here...") take on a whole different light when said by her "new self".

It's like I've always said with programming. If you love your code, rewrite it (better, obviously). It's the same with storywriting.